You would like to install spotlights in your home and unsure what it involves, how the wiring is done and how much damage will take place? Please read below for a step by step explanation. 

Firstly, why would you install spotlights in your home? 

Modernize your home with recessed light fittings, different colour temperature and bezel finishes are available to match your drapes / furniture. 
A single light fitting in the middle of a room gives you inadequate and uneven light, which means that when you turn your back to the light you create a shadow and cannot see what you are doing. Spotlights spread out evenly in a room give you an even light distribution 
Any tall person can tell you the amount of times they bumped their head on a ceiling light is no fun. The average ceiling height in Milton Keynes is 2300 -2400 mm which is too low for installing a pendant 

With all that in mind let me explain the job process which I broken down into 5 steps. 

In this example our customer wanted to install 6 spotlights instead of a single pendant in the Kitchen. 
This first stage is a bit dusty, so after protecting the Kitchen cabinets and floor with dust sheets, we started on the first 3 steps that you can see on this picture. 
1st Step, is setting out where the new spotlights will be positioned and cutting them out with the required size whole saw. 
2nd Step, after locating the ceiling joists we cut strategic wholes to gain access to the ceiling void. At this step we are careful and keep the piece of plasterboard for later. 
3rd Step, we drill through the exposed ceiling joists and pull in the wiring. 
With the first 3 steps out of the way which took about 70% of the installation time most of the dust and mess is finished. 
The last 2 steps are the finishing touches. 
4th Step, is to actually install the spotlights and mount them into the ceiling. 
5th Step, the pieces of plasterboard that we saved at Step 2, we actually use and patch back the wholes that we cut. By not leaving a big opening in your ceiling we also lock the dust in and even if you are not ready to paint just yet, you can still use the Kitchen. 
We are asked sometimes if we paint or decorate, a service that we do not offer. We will path back the ceiling and leave the decorating to the professionals. We can recommend 3rd party painters, decorators and handyman for these services. 
There is 1 Final Step that I did not include above which is cleaning up, this for us is a Gold Standard on every job! We come in with overshoes, protect the floor / furniture before work, try to keep the dust to a minimum during work using dust compressors, hoovers and we will leave the work area nice and clean. 
I hope the above explanation helped, give us a call if you are considering spot lights in your home, we will be happy to help. 
For any more questions leave us a comment below or email us at
MK Wired Team. 
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