Electrical Services For New Homes 

To make sure a new building is liveable and up to code, homeowners and builders need to enlist the services of an electrician versed in new construction electrical services.  
That is where MK Wired LTD comes in. 
Building a home or commercial facility from the ground-up is an opportunity for homeowners, architects, and contractors alike to bring ideas and concepts to life. They can fully realize their dreams and do so in ways that speak to their values or those of their clients. That said, they need the expertise of certified and trained professionals such as us to complete the project. 

Building safer modern homes 

When it comes to new builds it’s important to work with an electrical contractor that understands the challenges. With the increasing electricity demand in domestic properties you need a reliable company that can provide electrical services without fuss. If you already have a project specification or would need advice & installation service look no further. 
Building modern homes requires so much more than just electrical wiring installed by an electrician. Of course, every building needs an electrical supply and distribution throughout, however today the electrical contractor is required to provide a complete electrical solution. This requires not only electrical capability but also knowledge of new energy products such as EV charge points, Led Lighting and more. 
Newly built homes are built with care. Builders inspect every support beam, check every floorboard, and make sure to seal every window. With so much care put into the construction of a home, it should follow that the electrical layout of the building also be designed with care, too. 
Our certified electrical contractors come to the worksite when requested and conduct our duties without disrupting any other work. We install wires that lead to every socket and outlet throughout the house, and do so in accordance with the most recent building and electrical codes. 

Full Range of Electrical Services 

Modern Consumer unit installation 
LED Lighting 
Dimmers and light switches 
Wiring for outdoor fixtures 
Interior and exterior lighting 
Recessed LED options 
All electrical appliances 
Smoke detectors 
CCTV and security 
And more 

Personalized Residential Electrical Services 

A newly constructed home is an exciting process. While selecting your finishes, you need to be certain that your space is equipped with modern and top-performing electrical features. Not only will you get the perfect layout for your electrical and lighting needs, but you will also enjoy significant energy savings, as well as savings in maintenance and repair costs over the years. 
At MK Wired, our range electrical services are tailored to each property. Based on the size of your space and your consumption needs, we can recommend your best options for electrical appliances or systems. 

Plan for the Future with Your New Build Electrical 

Our new build electricians will work hard to future-proof the wiring in your new property. If your electrical network is designed with only your current needs in mind, it might make it harder to expand or upgrade your property down the line.  
For this reason, we make sure to consult with our clients about potential upgrades they may eventually want and then design the electrical system accordingly. 

Fully Certified and Compliant Electrical Services 

All our electricians are certified and trained to provide high level electrical services. Their experience makes them stand-out, and their work proves it. 
We always stay up to date on the most recent changes to electrical regulatory codes. As they change and offer increased protection to residents, we adjust our services to be compliant. When you hire us, you can rest easy knowing that your building will be up to code and insurable. At completion we will issue all relevant Electrical certificates and notify Building Control of the work done. 
Call us today to learn more about how we're making your properties safer. 

For expert new build electrical installation you can rely on, contact MK Wired today. 

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